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October/November /December /January


All children until 6 years stay free of charge

Extra bed for children 7 – 12 years


Quadruple rooms available

Single room on request


B&B su Maimoni

Terms and Conditions

When making a reservation, a deposit equal to the 30% of the amount of the full accommodation is required. Guests will be asked to make a credit transfer in our bank account . Upon arriving at our B&B, guests will be required to present their valid national ID card or passport in order to be registered as it is provided for by the law. All of your information will be used as provided for by the existing privacy policy. Guests will be asked to fill out a registration form and pay the amount of the full accommodation in cash. By law, Bed and Breakfasts aren't duty-bound to issue any fiscal documents. However, a non-fiscal issue certifying the amount paid and the information of the stay can be issued in order to prove your payment. Upon departing, guests are required to give us their room key back and show the room. Rooms and bathrooms will be cleaned daily from 10 a.m. to midday (except for Sunday and public holidays). Towels will be changed daily, whereas bed linen will be changed every three days, and when a new guest arrives. N.B.: in order to safeguard the environment, our B&B,, in cooperation with our kind guests,, would like to limit environmental damages. For this reason, we won't wash clean terry clothes. We would be grateful if you could throw on the floor only dirty towels that have to be changed. It's forbidden to smoke inside the rooms in order to respect non-smokers and the guests who will come after your departure, and to prevent fires. In no event will we be liable for any loss , theft or damage of objects of your own left in your rooms. You will have to inform us immediately of any damages and compensate us for them. On departure day you should leave your room by 10.30 a.m. in order to allow us to clean it. Guests can obviously stay in common areas. We'll custody your luggage in order to allow you to keep visiting or shopping. You should use toilet blocks properly and in a civil manner and never throw anything into the toilet (use the waste baskets please). Please turn off the light anytime you leave your room.